Monday, August 6, 2012

A Collection Of Indochinese Love Spells

If it is not too much to say that Indochina is the place you will find many types of love spells. Below are just some of the more typical ones:

If a lad wanted to persue a lady, then he can take a white pebble, put the pebble in his palm and blow three breath onto it and recite below mantra:

"I am picking up a pebble,
carries with it is my passion,
throw it to the body of my lady,
let my love that is as pure as this white pebble,
like that of this pebble,
strikes into the heart of my lady.

Now you have accepted this white pebble of love,
you must accept my persue,
beautiful lady,
turn your head and give me a smile."

After recitation of the above mantra, blow 3x at the pebble again and throw it to the intended lady. If the lady really turns her head, that means the spell is working.

It is a matter of fact that many ethnics in Indochina forbid young ladies turn their heads while walking in the wilderness.

In another situation, if there is a need to possess the body of a girl that a lad desires, then he must perform a "soul catching spell". This spell works like this:

First get hold of the girl's finger nail or some of her hairs, then make two wax dolls hugging each other. Put the dolls in front or in the back of the house, or in front of it during a full moon night and recite the below mantra:

"Wow ~
The soul of beautiful girl so-and-so,
Hasten to my side!
I have prepared colourful pearl necklace for you,
I have prepared shinny silver ware for you,
I have prepared beautiful clothings,
While your parents are sound asleep,
Hasten to my bed."

This spell must be performed for 7 consecutive nights, and accordingly the soul of the girl will be able to come to the lad. Once the soul is being caught, then naturally the girl will go to the lad in person.

Here is another love spell from the Dai ethnic:

The most shinny gold ring on my thumb,
when I point it to a rock, it breaks;
when I point it to a lady, she comes to me;
attract her to my arms,
as if rice sticks to the pot,
Om So Hai Dhi"

Recite the above spell and blow 1x onto your thumb and point to the lady you desires, then she will follow you.

Also, recite the below mantra on food and let your target consume:

My mantra can move nine thousand fields,
It can move the hearts of nine thousand ladies,
let her think of me restlessly,
let her think of me impatiently,
let her think of me until her heart palpitates,
think of me days and nights,
She will remain restless unless come to me.
Om So Hai Dhi."

There are also people tattoo the target's name on the shoulders and call upon target's name where ever their go. To the extreme, even the private parts are tattoo with the name of person they desired.

And of course, the above is not an exhaust list.


  1. This blog is one of those I have read which has a well explained love spell and glad to have read it. thanks to you and please if you can bring some more like black magic love spells will be great

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  4. First, thank you for visiting.

    Basically most people are not ready to practise magic. All prime movers behind any spell are spirits, without these helpers; magic is nothing. It also takes time for magic to take effect, be it 49 days, 1 year or even 3 years. Modern people hope for things that can take effect immediately and magic spells do not at most instances, promise instance results. And the results are quite unexpected.

    So, I don't recommend seeking magic as a solution to prevent the religious fans and the curious bug me on magical or ethical issues.

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