Monday, August 6, 2012

From Himalayas To Java: No Magic

Just imagine I am taking a magic tour from the Himalayas down to Yun Nan mountain ranges, then from Indochina through the Titwangsa mountain ranges down to Gunung Ledang; crossing the Straits of Malaka to Sumatra and finally across the sea to the land of Java.

I personally classified the magic from these mountain ranges as "highland magic", the characteristics of these type of magic are:

  • Using magic dagger, phurpa or spear to drive spirits.
  • Worship of mountain and natural spirits.
  • Influence by local believes, Bon, Shamanism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

While the magic of Java and Bali: Kejawen and Balinese magic are mainly related to water elements, they are "sea magic":

  • Worship of sea spirits: Queen of the South Sea, North Sea and the like in Kejawen.
  • The practice of magic normally in the water: sea, lake or river a like.
  • Wroship of water spirits.
  • Influence by local believes, Shamanism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism.

Mixing in between the highland and sea, is the lowland magic, places such as Southern India and China, Cambodia, Central Thai, West Malaysia Peninsula, Sumatra etc. The characteristics of "lowland magic":

  • Practices mediumships with new age believes.
  • Ghost worship is extremely common.
  • More hype than truth: powerful leklai, powerful curses and the like.
  • Influence by Islam, Christianity/Catholic, Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Finally, the Dayak magic of Borneo is an independent system altogether. And not forgetting that the Arabic Magic where the modern Western Magic has its root; is also another big topic to explore.

And that was my magic tour.

This is my conclusion about magic practices:

"There is no magic in this world once you understood how things work."

Enjoy :)))


  1. Hi liewsp

    I'd agree with your final thoughts.
    There is indeed no magic once one understood how things work.

    Today was the day I stumbled upon your blog and it is enlighting to know and feel that you have respect over the knowledge you posted.

    I am based in Johor Bahru, please ring me up for teh tarik & some magickal talk if you are here down south!

    Keep it up!

    1. Hi Hanif

      Thanks. If we follow d Ghost Adventure series, the most a spirit can do is only to throw a rock and make some noise... That is, if we are not panic first :)

      Sure thing. Send me your H/P to and I will call you up when I visit my friend in Johor Bahru.