Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bomohs & Spirit Worship Tools

There are many ways if one person wants to be a Tok Bomoh (Shaman) in Malaysia or Indonesia:


1.      Through inheritance. If the person’s ancestor or parents were once a Bomoh, then the knowledge will automatically transfer to their decedents.

2.      Through visitations of spirits in the dreams. The person may be taught to recite certain mantras as communication tools. So each time the practitioners recite these mantras, the spirits will act as their khodams to lend helping hands.

3.      Through recitations such as prayers, incantations and mantras.

4.      Through the practice of martial arts such as Silat or Kuda Kepang.

5.      Through meditation and fasting in the jungle, mountain, cave, dried well or graves.

6.      Through imitating other shamans.

7.      Learning from experience Bomoh who have familiar spirits.


 Spirit communication methods of a Bomoh:


1.      Grave worship

a.       Many Bomoh believe that the spirit of the grave can help them to fulfil their wishes. More so if the deceased was once a Bomoh.

b.      Food offerings such as roast chicken, glutinous rice, bertih, bananas etc. must be presented to the spirit in the exchange of their services.

2.      Keris, Spear and Lime

a.       Although keris and spears are weapons of the old days. They are still widely used in traditional medicine. These weapons must be wash with flowers and lime, then smudge with benzoic incense and finally wrap with yellow, red or black cloth.

b.      The weapon worships are normally done on a Friday night with certain mantra and incantation. It is believed that with such worship, the weapon will become stronger and will not create problems to their owners.

3.      Ancak

a.       An ancak is made from bamboo or banana leaves. Normally an ancak is filled with yellow glutinous rice, ketupat and other offerings for the spirits.

4.      Sanggu

a.       A sanggu is normally made from banana leave or coconut leave stem. Only the leave stem that dangles vertically to the tree is usable. This stem must be collected during sun set. The making of a sanggu must be in the middle of the night while facing the direction of sun rise. After that the sanggu must be smudge with benzoic incense while reciting certain incantations.

b.      As with an ancak, a sanggu also filled with food offering to spirits, but a mast and sail is erected in the centre of the sanggu; also one white candle is put in the front and back of the ancak. After the ritual the sanggu will be set adrift in a river.

5.      Sangkak

a.       A sangkak is also made from bamboo. As before, it mainly serves as food offering container for spirits.

b.      If a sangkak is for ensuring the safety of a family, then it is put in side a house; if however it is for the safety of a village, then the sangkak is put at the edge of the village accompanied with mantra and incantation. Sometimes a goat or water buffalo is sacrificed as well.


At this point, anyone who has read this posting has the potential of becoming a Bomoh. But before you proceed, check with your religious expert if you are allowed to do so. Otherwise, I don’t want to be responsible if you are sent to the gallows or being burnt alive!


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