Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More On Ilmu Dayak

Below are a few Dayak rituals narrated by a friend from East of Barito, Southern Kalimantan.


1.      Prakasih

a.       Used to calm angry person.

b.      “Bismilah. Nuri kata nya burung, mula Hak katanya Allah, ya Allah-Allah sakampung sagabah.”

c.       Recite 3x while holding breath, after that blow at left-center-right.

2.      Kata salisih

a.       Used to avoid coming face to face with our enemy.

b.      “Puang Sagar tau panalu musuh mansa.”

c.       Recite 3x while holding breath, after that take a piece of betel leave, tear it into two, throw to left and right sides.

d.      This is an unusual ritual as it will make our enemy to have bad luck for three Fridays.

3.      Ilmu Taguh Gansang

a.       To fight a group of people going amok.

b.      “Rata jari kapui jari tane.”

c.       Hold your breath and recite 1x, then pull some hair from your foot thumb and swallow them.

d.      Do not try this if it is not an emergency.

e.       This is an advance ritual, you will not be harmed even it rains bullets out there!

4.      To chase away ghosts

a.       Take 3 glutinous rice grains and swallow them.

b.      After that, storm your right foot 3x on to the floor and throw some salt around the place.

5.      To prevent thieves, ghosts, black magic etc.

a.       Invert a green broom and lean it against your front door.


Do not ask if the magic works, but first ask ourselves if we are ready to perform such a ritual. Happy reading!


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