Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Deadly Arrow In The Palm

This ritual is originated from the Taoist Lu Shan sect. The purpose is to strike your enemy within a 10 feet range. The victim will feel pain and fall sick within 100 days after being strike by the invisible arrow. If not cured after a period of time, the weak ones may die.

The power of destruction is very much depending on one's Chi really. This ritual is normally used in conjunction with other medias such as poisons, Phi Pop, santau or the like. The operation is very simple, the operator just need to draw the above pattern of arrow on his/her palm then release it to his/her target; or just a pat on the person's sholder. Simple right?

Ok. The ritual:

Step 1:

  1. You must have the empowerment. This is important because this is basically a black magic ritual and the empowerment will ensure that you have the necessary protection from back fire.
  2. This ritual is practised once every morning before sun rise for 49 days non-stop.
  3. Very important that this ritual MUST be performed outside of your house.
  4. First burn one joss stick and three pieces of paper money.
  5. First, facing the East, draw the above talisman on your palm 9x, then turn to South, West and North. Recite the mantra 1x and draw the talisman 1x:
    • "The sun rises in the East as if a red dot,
    • this arrow kills like thunder strikes;
    • 99 arrows on the strike,
    • no escape route and only bad news come!"
  6. After you have drawn 36x, close your palm as if holding something. Now choose a target at a distance and release your energy towards the target.
  7. Now burn another 3 pieces of paper money.
  8. Go home without looking across your shoulder.

Step 2:

  1. After 49 days, you can try to strike the candle flames at first at 3 feet away. When you can extinguish the candle flame, take a step back and do the same. You have to perform the exercise until you can extinguish the candle flame at about 8 feet away.
  2. Now you can try to strike at a bag of cotton or something light. Do as above until you can move the bag at about 8 feet.

Step 3:

  1. Try to strike a small animal until it falls with a single strike.
  2. For the santau practitioner, the poison can be hid under the projection hand's finger nail and strike out as before. You will be able to see the release of the santau as a flash of golden or blue light.

It would take at least 3 years of continuous hard work to have initial success. If you are really persistant, after 10 years of practise; a single blow will bring down the toughest guy on this earth. What? It take too long? Well, in old days, people only master one method and not like our modern times that we have all sorts of choices. I post this method for your reference, I have not included the detail practice and the cure.

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