Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flying Needles With ‘Stings’

I am sure you have already heard many types of flying needle magic: Thai style, Malay style, Chinese style or even Western style etc. What I want to share with you today is the ritual of Khmer style flying needles. There are two ways to cast this magic:

1.      Using hornet

a.       First get yourself a piece of your enemy’s clothing.

b.      Catch a hornet or bee; tie the cloth fragment onto the hornet. Be careful not to overload the hornet.

c.       Now perform a round of cursing to your target.

d.      Release the hornet back to its hive.

e.       Your enemy will be attacked by hornets in a few days time.

f.       This is a dangerous spell as hornet stings are lethal.

2.      Using puppet

a.       Make a puppet doll out of your enemy’s clothing.

b.      Write his/her name on the puppet.

c.       Empower the doll and perform soul catching method as usual.

d.      Take a needle or wooden spike and poke it into the heart of the doll.

e.       Your enemy will feel immense heart pain. If remedy is not provided soon, then this person will die of severe pain.

A friend asked me this question: How does a curse needle fly?

My answer is simple: Through the air. To be precise it does not fly but being carried through the air by servitor spirit. Much like that of a hornet/bee carries its sting with it.

Can it go by the earth then?

I would really doubt it as the spirits will need to waste extra energy to move the needle through the solid. Well, then and again; there are people claim that his flying needle goes through the earth. I will let you decide.

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