Friday, August 17, 2012

Ghost Talk In Ghost Month

“Cina Gui” is a caricature term other ethnics called the old Chinese, whereas “Guai Lou” is what Cantonese used to call foreigners. The former means “Chinese Ghost” and the later “Ghost Man”. So let us look into Chinese ghost believes in this “hungry ghost” month shall we?

What are ghosts?

The Chinese believe that ghosts exist; they are just like normal human being but without legs. They also cast no shadows and they can become invisible to naked human eyes.

People believe that ghosts exist everywhere; only the one with a six sense can see them. They mostly active at night, but certain ghost such as the ghost of people who hang themselves or the drown ones are more fierce than others; hence can be seen by ordinary persons. The Chinese believed that when a person sees a ghost, he will be having bad luck for three years!

What are the things ghosts afraid of?

1.      The Sun

2.      Talismans

3.      Tea leaves

4.      Salt

5.      Rice

6.      Mirror

7.      firecrackers

8.      Lunar calendar etc.

What are the types of ghosts?

1.      The ghosts of hangmen

a.       This is the most feared ghost of all.

b.      Only the female one can seek its replacement if it wants to be reincarnated.

c.       The male ones are very fierce and said to be punished by god Indra to sit on a branch of a tall tree staring into the moon. When you come across it, just pass underneath but do not make too much of commotions.

2.      The water ghosts

a.       This is the most powerful ghost of all as it has mass and can lure the unwary children to go into deep waters and drown.

b.      They are said to be in extreme pain in the water, hence sometimes they will appear at the bow or stern of a fisherman’s boat to take a rest.

3.      The wandering ghosts

a.     These belong to the persons die outside of their home and no deliverance performed to them.

4.      The ghosts of untimely dead

a.       Ghost of murdered victim, those die of committed suicide, accidents etc.

5.      The kids spirits

a.       Ghost of young kids.

Well, it is 12 midnight here, so I gonna stop and continue next time… I am afraid of ghosts!!

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