Saturday, August 4, 2012

Take Care Of Your Shadow!

You might not believe this: some folks believe your soul is hiding under your shadow. So once someone is stepping onto your shadow and recite a soul catching mantra, then he/she can transfer your soul into a plant or soil. Couple with pieces of your cloth, hair or photograph, then you will be entirely under this person's control.

Also if your shadow is cast onto a wall, and someone has traced this shadow with a chalk; he can perform a ritual to evoke your shadow under his/her service, or against you. In order to perform the shadow conjuration ritual, this person must return to the same place with a rattan. The best timing for doing this ritual is on a full moon night.

First thing first, the person must light a piece of white candle and some incense infront of the shadow outline.

What this person need to do is just to whip the outline of your shadow while calling you name: "So-and-so, come forth to your master! If you do not obey me, you will be whipped until you succumb!". The process is repeated until a vision of you come forth then the ritual is a success. Now this person can order your soul to be attached onto a paper manikin.

The conjuration will continue after the person returned to his/her altar. It take 49 days to complete the ritual. So as days go by, you will feel more and more like a walking dead until finally you will go to the person as he has got hold of your soul. Now, you can be asked to perform many tasks on his behalf. I don't need to tell you what types of task you may be asked to do, use your imagination ;-).

On the other hand, according to Taoist believe, It is also forbidden to cast your shadow into the burial hole when the coffin is being lowered into the burial site. It is believed that in doing so, your soul will be trapped under the coffin consequently you will feel weak, headache or fever upon returning home. A soul retrival ritual will need to be carried out to get back your lost soul.

Believe it or not, take care of your shadow would ye? Ha ha ha...

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