Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Fearsome Khmer Skull Spell

I think it is not too much to say that this is the most fearsome Khmer spell that I have came across. The spell is not difficult to perform, the difficult part is to obtain its ingredients: the skulls of real human beings. The picture of a heaps of 8 skulls tell you this is a serious spell and it is very difficult to master.

First, you must find at least 5 skulls of people died in various conditions: drown, fire, car accidents, suicide, murdered etc. The more skulls you can collect then the stronger your magic will become.

After you have all the skulls ready, select an auspicious date and arrange them in a line. If you have 10 skulls, then arrange them in two lines of 5 each. You must perform food offerings at least once a day, preferable after 9pm. Put a white candle on each of the skulls, a bowl of rice, plain water, flower and incense as usual. New skulls need to be empowered for 49 days at least or until the person's spirit come to you at first in the dreams, then in broad daylight.

Once you start this type of spell, you must keep your protective amulets, magic knife etc at hand; the arjan who taught me this ritual also has tattoo all over his body including his face! Human spirits have emotions too, and they may disobey their master or even harm the master if the arjan's power weakens.

To employ these spirits to harm or control someone:

  1. Light one piece of white candle on each of the skulls.
  2. Offer foods, incense and liquor to the spirits. Then drink some liquor yourself and then blow the liquor onto each of the skulls.
  3. Strike your magic knife onto the floor repeatedly while charging the spirits to perform your order.
  4. If you have done the ritual correctly, then the spirits will provide you feedback in your dreams of the progress of the tasks.

The karmic price for maintaining this practice is great as the spirits who died from unnatural causes will bring severe negative energy to their masters as they cannot rest in peace. I know a person who has practiced this Khmer skull spell and now relying on the practice of Acalanatha for keeping himself safe. As for the arjan who taught me this ritual, last time I heard; already kicked his bucket :P!


  1. Woah this ritual sounds really disturbing, But in my opinion u don't need to waste ur time to get those skulls just to harm someone :P There's another way to do that kind of spells and even easier way, For me i will only perform ritual like this only if i can get like 1 Milion Gold from the spirits, Cuz thats really worth it, than harming people and been disturbed by the spirits itself. Anyway this is a really interesting ritual to known and to me it's still fine cuz there's more fearsome ritual like chopping the head of a man/virgin kid for something ETC.

    1. I would say dis is a lost art already. Basically this type of Indochinese magic is very primitive and only exists at places where the skulls can be found everywhere. Except for one or two ppl, no one pratically do that anymore. As U hv said, not worth the risk.