Friday, August 10, 2012

My Grandmother’s Magic

My grandmother was from Fujian, mainland China; she has learnt some spells that are quite effective. I post here for your reference and would not be responsible if anything happens to people who try them.

1.      Soul Retrival(叫魂): Soul lost is very common in old days especially to small children. It is believed that the kids’ spirits are weak, also if one’s luck is running low; then he or she can also lost his/her soul during shock, attending funeral or marriage ceremony.

a.       Method 1       

                                                              i.      Stand on a big boulder at 12 noon facing the sun.

                                                            ii.      Let the person be seated in front of you.

                                                          iii.      Carry with you in your right hand a ladle, and a caldron in your left hand.

                                                          iv.      Use the ladle as if to scoop something in the air and then filling the caldron. Recite: “I stand on a boulder with caldron in my right hand, I am calling across the mountain and across the sea, so-and-so come back!”

                                                            v.      Recite 3x then cap the caldron on the person’s head.

                                                          vi.      The process is repeated 3x.

b.      Method 2

                                                              i.      Burn a used stamp under the child’s bed while calling his/her name.

2.      Chopstick Lady Ritual (筷仙姑娘): When a person feels uneasy, bad luck, headache without any reasons. Then it is believed that he/she has offended the spiritual world.

a.       Half fill a bowl with plain water then put the bowl onto floor.

b.      Take 3 pieces of chopsticks and erect them with the sharp end in the water.

c.       Call up the name of the deceased that you can think of, or names of spirits that come to your mind.

d.      When you have got the correct spirit, then the chopsticks will stand inside the water.

e.       Repeat the ritual for 2x in the water and 1x on the floor. If the chopsticks can stand by themselves, then you have the correct spirit.

f.       Now you can advise it to leave, if it agrees; put some flour into the water and splash the water out of your main door, cap the bowl onto the floor and put the chopsticks on the bowl.

g.      I have tested this ritual and before the chopsticks stand for themselves, I felt as if a force is pulling them in the water.

3.      Releasing The Dead (送亡人): If there is a reason that a deceased is not at peace: eyes cannot close, strange events occurring in the house etc.

a.       Take off the deceased’s shoes and throw them out of the main door while saying, “Go! Go! Quickly Go!”

b.      Bring back the shoes and put them on the deceased again.

4.      Clearing Haunted House: This spell is only effective towards the light haunting cases.

a.       Get a few small granites and apply cinnabar on to them; then put the granite into a red pouch made of cotton.

b.      Put the pouch at the place where strange occurrences.   

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