Thursday, August 2, 2012

Magic Duel: Win Or Lose?

I am sure, in the process of learning and practicising magic; we will come face to face with our opponents and a magic duel is inevitable. It is easy just to wash our hands and say it is non of our business, but be it that people just want to test to see who is the toughest guy in the street; or you must cross over their dead bodies to save your friends.

Magic duel happens in all streams of magic. Before we want to get our hands dirty, do you know that there is a way to predict who is the strongest and to prevent harms to the weaker party? The method varies according to different traditions:

  1. Thai magic
    1. First invoke the presence of your magic knife or spear. If you do not have any, use a pair of scissors.
    2. Perform a Wai Kru ritual to seek blessing from lineage gurus.
    3. Sit in meditation for a few minutes.
    4. Take the knife and throw it towards your main door, but first make sure you are alone and not to hit anyone.
    5. Observe the direction of the tip of your magic knife. If it is pointing inwards towards you, that means your opponent is stronger; if it point outwards, you are stronger.
  2. Malay magic
    1. First invoke the presence of your guardian spirits.
    2. Perform a short prayer.
    3. Lift up your right hand as if you want to shake hands with someone.
    4. Fill your right hand with internal energy and if your right hand swing to your right side, then you are stronger, otherwise the opponent is stronger.
  3. Taoist magic
    1. First invoke the blessing of your deities.
    2. Burn 3 joss sticks and observe the patterns and the smoke of the burning incense.
    3. If the center incense burns fastest while the left and right ones are almost equal, and the somke blows towards you; then be careful.
  4. Fire puja (Buddhist/Hindu)
    1. Perform a fire puja session and observe the fire and the smoke during the ritual.
    2. If the smoke blows towards you then you will have a problem, if the smoke blows a way from you then the other party will have a problem.
  5. Others
    1. Tarot, I-Ching, pandulum or any form of divination will give you a hint.
In whatever method you use, do not proceed with the duel as it is a sure sign of defeat. Ask your senior to take over. Learning magic without knowing own strength and the strength of the opponents is as if suiside. That is something an incomplete manual won't tell you. Peace.

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