Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mao Shan Striptease Spell (美人脫衣)

This is an infamous black spell from the Mao Shan sect. The purpose is to make a person strip unconsciously.

There was a famous Mao Shan Taoist in the 1940's who has mastered this spell in mainland China. An incident made him vowed not to perform the magic again. Below was what I heard from my Taoist master:

“One night as the Taoist was chit chatting with his friends; he saw a lady walked by from a far. He wanted to show off his talent, and he asked his friends if he wanted to see a nice show. Well, all seconded the idea. So the Taoist started the spell on the shadow of the lady and as expected, the lady strip off all her clothing and walk straight passing the Taoist and the gang.

When the lady was walking near enough, to the Taoist’s horror; she was the Taoist’s daughter!”

The above story serve as a reminder as not to cast spell onto innocent person, because that person might be your love one!

Anyway, below is the ritual:

1.      Get a new born dead or stillborn baby and wrap it with a piece of silk cloth, a piece of lady’s pants and a lady’s belt.

2.      Put all the things under your altar and empower for 49 days.

3.      Chant the below mantra 7x and burn 1 piece of the above talisman:

a.       “Under the three lights, the shape and shadow walking lightly. The beautiful lady going to and fro. I have no ways but to blow a breath to make her strip. According to the order of Mr. Shan Shan Jiu Hou, as my will, so mote it be!”

4.      After the 49 days, cut the lady’s pants and belt into 49 pieces.

5.      Burn all 49 pieces and consume all.

To apply the spell:

Suffice just to step onto the shadow of the target and recite the above mantra 7x and the person will become a temporary striptease.