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The Curses Of Phurpa Dagger

The above picture shows two antique sky iron phurpas: The upper one is a 18th century Bonpo phurpa, while the lower one is said to be a rare 12th century servant phurpa, it is a proof of phurpa lineage holder. These phurpas are thought to be terma, or hidden treasures.

An altar setup for performing phurpa curses

An owl feather fan

Phurpa curses were once popular in Himalayan regions such as Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and Northern India. Basically this is a Bonpo ritual, but some monks from Ningmapa Sarma sects also know this type of rituals.

First the below basic items must be prepared:

  1. A statue of kila the supreme son on triangular stand
  2. One sky iron phurpa (symbolises lighting)
  3. One iron vajra (symbolises thunder)
  4. One kapala (doll is placed inside it)
  5. One kangling (bone trumpet)
  6. A pair of owl feather fans (to make phurpa fly in the air)
  7. A black stone (to crush mud doll with)
  8. A ritual knife (to cut mud doll)

Now let us look at some of the phurpa related rituals:

The Ritual Of Casting Hail Storm

  1. Make a doll of Rahula and painted it yellow.
  2. Use the phurpa to strike at the heart of the doll and blow the kangling repeatedly.
  3. If the ritual is a success, hail sotrm will arrive.

To Destroy Enemy / Evil Spirit

  1. First a mandala for annihilation is drawn on the floor, and all the above items arranged, with the doll and kapala is put in the centre of the mandala as shown.
  2. The conjuration of the kila the supreme son can be started then followed by summoning protector spirits with the kangling and continue with one of the rituals below:
  3. Draw the picture of a person handcuffed and tied by iron chains, inscribe around this person with curses such as: "death", "broken heart", "dismembered", "lifeless", "cease offsprings" etc. on a piece of paper.
  4. Tug this paper into a manikin made of flour and put it into the kapala.
  5. Perform a soul catching chanting and drive the angry spirits to catch the victim's soul into the manikin.
  6. Use the sky iron phurpa to strike the manikin's head, eyes, throat, right and left shoulders, heart, stomach, genitle, left and right elbow and two knees.
  7. Use the ritual knife to cut the manikin into three pieces: one piece throw away, one piece stamp under your feet and the other feed to wild animals. Sometimes a fire puja for annihilation is also performed to supercharge the ritual.
  8. Below is a set of iron fire puja ladles:

To Cause Sickness

  1. Draw a red mandala of new moon.
  2. Write the birth date and time of the victim with menstruation blood of a dark Brahmin girl on a piece of cloth obtained from a patient died from epidemic.
  3. Smuldge the cloth in black smoke while conjuring protector spirits.
  4. Place the cloth onto the mandala and wilding the phurpa to empower the cloth.
  5. Hide the cloth in the victim's bedroom
To Cause Critical Illness

  1. Use aloe vera juice to inscribe the names of the victim on a piece of paper.
  2. Hang this paper over toxic smoke and invoke the spirits.
  3. After that place the paper at a haunted location.

To Cause Madness Hastily

  1. Draw a white mandala at a hill top and place a manikin made from toxic leaves.
  2. Inscribe the target's name and family tree with sandle wood oil on the manikin.
  3. Smuldge the manikin in the smoke of burning human fat.
  4. Hold the manikin with left hand, while reciting curses; strike the head of the manikin with phurpa.
  5. Finally throw the manikin at the dwelling place of Mamo (A type of Tibetan demon).

To Cause Permanent Disability

  1. Find a place with a dying tree trunk that is similiar to a walking stick.
  2. Draw a black triangular mandala.
  3. Inscribe the name of your enemy and as to what condition you wish he to suffer with the blood of a falcon on a piece of owl skin.
  4. Reciting curses while wielding the phurpa and finally put the parcel into a bag made of cloth and hang it on a tree that is growing on a grave. When a strong breeze swings the package, that means the victim will suffer from permanent disability very soon.

The Ritual Of Yak Horn

  1. Get some cloth fragments, footprint dirt or finger nails of intended target.
  2. Draw the picture of a person handcuffed and tied by iron chains, inscribe around this person with curses such as: "death", "broken heart", "dismembered", "lifeless", "cease offsprings" etc. on a piece of paper.
  3. Now use menstruation blood of a hooker to wipe over all above curses.
  4. After that wrap this paper with the person's belongings.
  5. Tug this parcel into the right horn of a wild yak.
  6. Close the opening of the horn with some blood drawn from man, woman, goat, dog, iron debris, two spiders and the hair of a corpse.
  7. Now this yark horn is placed in the centre of a iron plate, together with nine small cones made of human bone fragments, soils collected from murder scenes and haunted places and some water. The nine cones symbolises nine mountain ranges.
  8. Then all the fierce spirits and demons are summoned with offering of blood of sheeps, chicken or yaks. Human blood was once used.
  9. After that the demons are forced to carry out their tasks with wielding of phurpa and vajra.
  10. This yak horn is buried under the compound of target before dawn.
  11. The target will be experiencing disastrous events after the burial of yak horn, unless the horn is removed; there is no remedy for the target.

And certainly many more of such type of rituals... Posted here as part of my research and for your reading pleasure.

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