Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Short Malay Pelet Mantra

The term ‘pelet’ refers to ‘love magic’ in Indonesia and Malaysia. The below Malay Pelet does not required fasting. 

The method is the below mantra must be chanted 3 times in front of your target; that is all to it. This pelet is usually use by those who have mastered any type of ilmu khodam or who has supernatural powers.

If you have no familiar spirits or magic powers, then you may try but I do not guarantee it will work for I do not know if you have the potential or not.


Bismillahir rahmanir rahiim

Mayam, mayum, muayyah

Allah kasih Muhammad

Muhammad kasih Allah

Begitu pula dengan umatnya

Berkah kalimat La ilaha illallahMuhammadur rasulullah


Note: This pelet is posted here for archiving some of the soon to be lost Malay love magic rituals and for your reading pleasure only.

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