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Essence Of The Great Perfection (大圆满精要)

The topic of Great Perfection is a controversial one as one would need to take a completely different view towards how he/she looks at the concept of enlightenment. Some scholar treat Great Perfection has the same root as Zen Buddhism but not less denied this assumption. In fact, I would think that the Great Perfection is not related to Maha Yoga and the Anuttara Yoga as it has a different concept all together.


Garab Dorje (胜喜金刚) in “Three Points That Strike The Essence” (捶击三要) pointed out that one should:


“Understands one’s state of mind,

Have confident in it,

Meditate with confident.”


So, what is the ‘state of mind’ refers to?


In Great Perfection view:


·         There is no difference between enlightenment and cycle of rebirth.

·         There is no difference amongst the Trikaya: Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya.

·         When our mind is at peace, it is said to be in Dharmakaya form.

·         When our mind is in enjoyment, it is said to be in Sambhogakaya form.

·         When our mind is changing, it is said to be in Nirmanakaya form.


So after one has understood one’s mind, the below conclusion can be made:


·         Nirvana (enlightenment) cannot be achieved as our mind changes state constantly. The Theravada Buddhists can meditate for a very long time but when they awake from their meditative state, they shall fall into the cycle of rebirth. So, in Great Perfection View, as long as one keeps the view that there is no difference between Nirvana and cycle of rebirths; then it does not matter where the person is.

·         Pure land and hell had never existed; it is all in the state of our mind. So Great Perfection in effect, thinks that practices of Maha Yoga and Anuttara Yoga; also the Amitabah pure lands are all never existed.


The above theories were made based on no one has returned from enlightenment and preach about it (logically speaking); including the enlightened one!


H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche has spoken the below Great Perfection Wish to a few disciples in Europe about the "importance of three types of speech":


"It is hoped that we have great confidence in our view,

There is no difference between Nirvana and cycles of rebirth.

It is hoped that what we practice is perfected and fortified,

We are dwelling at our unchanged state (of mind).

It is hoped whatever we do receives great accomplishment,

All that is done naturally indeed according our heart.

It is hoped that our Dharmakaya automatically in perfection,

We shall be able to surpass whatever we have proved and determined."

 (From the book In Praise Of The History of Tibetan Ningmapa Lineage)


Mind blowing as it sounds, perhaps this is the reason why Great Perfection is not taught openly but only to a few qualified disciples. The above view will definitely ruin the core foundation of many Buddhist schools. It is up to individual to choose if he/she want to accept the above points.


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