Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another Pelet/Gendam/Pengasihan

Ilmu Pengasih, Pelet and Gendam supposed to mean the same thing. Below is a love magic that said to utilise the power of one’s subconscious mind until the influence enters the heart of the intended person.


The method to carry out this ritual:


You will need the photo of the person and you also need to fast for one day; general fasting will do. During the fast, one must recite the below mantra at night:


“Bismillahir rokhmanir rokhiim,

Kullu amrin dzii baalin min shohbihi akhbaabihi minal khoiri dzikrulloh,

Niat ingsun matek aji-ajiku griyo agung,

sun sebulake ing pucuk`e rambute si …….. [say the name of the target],

luwih berantane si ......... [name of target],

Luwih nggersah bingung atine si ........ [name of target],

mugo-mugo asih ing awak seliroku.” ……………… repeat 3x


After reciting the above mantra 3 times, one should blow a breath onto the photo of the person. If all is well, you shall see a change in attitude of the person towards you.


This love magic is of Javanese-Islamic influence. It is also suitable for good public relations, soul calling, or any other rituals depending on whatever one’s intention is.

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