Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Javanese Reiki: Ilmu Lawe

Ilmu Lawe is a type of Javanese supernatural healing system similar to that of the Japanese Reiki. As with any other Reiki system, Ilmu Lawe can also heal over a long distance.  This type of knowledge was once mastered by traditional healers in villages and it is simple because the only required item is a half meter long rope coupled with related prayer recitations according to various traditions.


The method to use Ilmu Lawe:


·         Sit facing qiblat and meditate.

·         Prepare a glass of boiled water.

·         Recite Basmalah and Shalawat 3 times.

·         After that recite Surah Al-Fatihah 3 times for Prophet Muhammad SAW and all the Muslim especially to the patient.

·         Recite Surah Yasin Ayat 78-79

·         Take a length of rope measuring half meter. Imagine that one end of the rope represents the patient’s head and the other end is his/her toe.

·         Blow your breath from head to toe i.e. from top down.

·         Slowly and gently massage the rope as if you are massaging the patient. But be careful as not to apply too much strength during your deep concentration or the patient may be in pain.

·         At the end of the ritual, blow a breath onto the glass of water and let the patient drink.


It is said that the more you practise this healing technique; you would be able to heal better. There is a taboo handed down from previous Lawe healers that one is forbidden to cut woods without a valid reason.


Anyone who has broken this taboo; must go to his/her master and his master shall recite the above ritual 3 times on the spot. Having said so, Ilmu Lawe is a very moderate practice. If a person intended to progress in his Ilmu Lawe, then he should fast on Monday and Thursday. He/she should also recite the practice completely or after each of the 5 obligatory prayers or any other practices.


Now days, Ilmu Lawe has integrated into other healing systems such as ‘tenaga dalam’ and Reiki or any other Javanese occult practices. Some of the Ilmu Lawe streams were already modified by ‘tenaga dalam’ exponents by sending vibrations onto the rope or pulling illnesses out from the rope coupled with visualization that the patient is healed. At times, the photo of the patient and his/her clothing are used.


The illnesses commonly cured by Ilmu Lawe are that related to spiritual matters such as possessions or black curses. In order to cure other illnesses, some masters have additional prayer as below:


“Asal kulit dadi kulit, asal otot dadi otot, asal daging dadi daging, asal balung dadi balung, asal sumsum dadi sumsum, asal waras dadi waras, kanti izine Gusti Allah.”

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