Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Black Sugarcane Pelet

I supposed you cannot imagine that black sugarcane is good for dangerous love magic too?
This is a dangerous old Malay love magic ritual as if the target is not healed within 8 days’ time; the sacrifice will be coming to ask for marriage. This is because along 7 days the victim will be enjoying the sex in wet dreams with the spell caster.


The method:


First collect some foot print soil for the target and then soak the soil into water collected from natural sources: river, lake or rain. Then take a section of black sugarcane and then carve it into the statue of a person. After that, he must pour the water with the person’s foot print soil onto the sugarcane statue.


Immediately at 12 midnight, he/she should read the spell 3x while wiping the statue and imagine that he/she is wiping the face of the person.


Now the mantra:


"Dewa mambang dewa hutan,

kekasih hati orang bunian,

malam ini aku rindu,

gelutkan berahi si....(the person’s name) agar tak tidur tujuh malam,

daun sirih daun tengkawang,

kalau si....(the person’s name) suka menyirih suka menerawang,

maka sampaikan hasrat birahiku padanya malam ini juga.

kalau tak sampai ku laporkan pada dewa mampang, si.....(the person’s name)”

Note: You must use the black sugarcane and not the yellow type.


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