Sunday, November 30, 2014

How To Cast White Vedic Spells

There is a saying that goes:


“Whoever chants spells shall have the right to use the powers of the gods to fulfill his/her desire.”


In order to tap the power of gods, as with all other magical traditions; there is a set of rules to follow:


·         You must choose an appropriate place: clean, quiet and safe to set up an altar where you can sit undisturbed throughout the spell casting ceremony. And that the place should be suitable for you to burn oil lamps and burn incense.

·         You need to choose good timing: for good spells the time is during White Month.

·         You should choose an appropriate ‘asana’ or sitting position; traditionally, the lotus posture is the best; but you may sit in any posture but remember to keep your back straight.

·         The general direction for spell casting:

o   For peaceful spells one should face either facing north or east.

o   For enchantment spells one should face south.

o   For killing/overpowering spells one should face west.

·         You will need a japa mala. However, you should not use the right index finger to turn the mala and that the mother bead should never be crossed after one round of recitation. It is best to cover the mala with a piece of cloth during mantra recitation. When not in used, the mala should be wrapped in a piece of clean cloth.

·         For a mantra to take effect, the required number of recitations would be 10 million times.

·         You should consume only vegetarian food. And also beware of not eating too much or too less during the spell casting time.

·         So far as permissible, you should keep silence and avoid talking to a second person unless necessary.

·         You are also required to keep celibacy throughout the ritual.

·         You should be sleeping on the floor.

·         You must have faith in the spell you are casting.

·         You must also keep your body and mind clean during and after the spell casting period.


The above pointers are just general rules for casting White Vedic spells. The rules vary from masters to masters and it is best just to follow what is taught by your own master to avoid confusions.


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