Friday, November 28, 2014

What You Worship Affects Your Business

Many Asian like to setup altars in or beside their business premises to appease local spirits. Let us first exclude why multinational companies are doing flying colors without the need to offer to spirits; or any other religious reasons. Do you aware that for small medium businesses; what you worship affects the well beings of your household and your businesses?


For example, if you are doing a business that serves general public: retail stores, coffee shop, sundry shops, casinos, hotels etc. Then if you worship Tibetan Tantric deities such as Yamantaka, Vajrakilaya, Hayagriva, Kalachakra and etc, then your business would probably not so good. The reason is that the practice of Maha Yoga and Anuttara Yoga are based on the Theory of Emptiness. It is also due to the fact that the energy generated by these tantric deities and related human bone ritual implements wards off potential customers. If you don’t believe me, try to paint the image of a human skull in your hotel or sundry shop; I bet you shall see the number of your customer declines faster than you could imagine.


I have some folks came to me complaining of problematic spouse relationships and the loss of old customers to their competitors. After some auditing and questioning, I only found they were practicing Vajrakilaya or the like. In order to understand this scenario, we first need to understand that the mantra of Vajrakilaya means: binding and burning of all demons… And we normally describe some who cannot behave themselves as ‘demonic’ or ‘satanic’; so these folks who chanted Vajrakilaya mantra in his house everyday indirectly means that these people are ‘at war’ with their spouse or kids every day. Now you can imagine what would happen if a shop owner quarrels with his/her customers? The customers certainly gone off to other competitors!


For these folks, I normally advised them to switch to 5 ghosts (五鬼) or if the business is larger, then the 5 legionnaires (五营兵). I was surprised of the changes after the business folks had switched to make offerings to spirits, their businesses not only recovered but expanding!


I would guess that since the number of spirits/ghosts are plentiful everywhere, so they would bring in customers from all directions. Though the ghostly brothers and sisters are not as powerful as Tantric gods and goddesses, they are abundance in number and they are also more incline to help their worshippers with some food offerings as remunerations.


Contrary to common belief, ghosts are no more harmful than the negative energy generated by Tantric deities. Would you choose to go to a place with negative destructive energy as if a cemetery or a place as cozy as a morning market place? If you only try to make some food offerings in front of your shop twice a month consistently for a few months, I assure you that you would see positive changes in 6 month’s time. But if you would like to perform the ritual for a longer time, then you would need appropriate ritual to control the spirits or problems may arise.


It seems that Tantric rituals are not all powerful, and that the Taoist rituals can be pretty useful and helpful at times too!

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