Thursday, November 20, 2014

Magical Uses Of Veins Joining Betel Leaf

An example of a betel leaf with veins joining.

Betel leafs with veins joining are thought of possess magical and healing powers amongst Indonesian and Malay floks:

1.      Love magic using a betel leaf with veins joining (daun sireh bertemu urat):
Makan Sireh Bertemu Urat.
Mari Makan Berlipat Tiga.
Aku Senyum Kau Terpikat.
Aku ketawa Kau Tergoda.
Berkat Muhammad.
Berkat Laaillahaillaallahmuhammadurrasullullah...Alhamdulillahhirab bilaalamin”

    Chant this in one breath, then wipe onto your face by using powder.
2.      Boosting stamina for physical works:
First, get a piece of betel leave with veins meeting and then chant the Nur Buat prayer 3 times over the leaf.
After that, use the betel leaf to rub over one’s body top down.
It is said that by doing so, the person shall not feel tired even after long hours of labour. 

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