Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vedic Love Spells To Get Boy/Girlfriend

If you are a single man wanting to get a girlfriend, then recite the below prayer as many times and as often as possible:


“ Patnimanoramadehimanovartinusarinim |

Tarinidurgsansarsagarssyakulodwdvaam ||”


Due to the power of this ritual, you shall be successful to find your trustable soul mate.


However, if you are a single woman and dying to find you’re the other half, then recite the below prayer and a suitable person shall come into your life:


“Om Katyayanimahabhagemahayoginydhishver |

NandGopsutdevipatimeinkurtenamhe: ||”


I pray that the above Vedic love spells are useful and successful in helping those rich and yet desperate Malaysian and Singapore single persons to find their soul mates and that their hearts are settled; hence no more hard earn money shall go into the pockets of those international swindlers. So, for the desperados, act now before you are sucked dry… Hmm… as to how one wishes to interpreted these words, it’s up to his/her freedom J!

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