Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Fatal Behavior: Ninja’s Mind Reading

What is our fatal behavior in life that can be used against us by our opponents or even so-called ‘love ones’? Forget about NLP, hypnotism, body readings and the rest of the modern day techniques… I am not saying that those are no good but a Ninja just don’t give a dime to notice someone that crossed his arms in front of his chest, or if a person is lying during a conversation… A Ninja seeks to penetrate into our ‘comfort zone’ by a few types of simple mind reading techniques.


Of course, the olden days Ninjas are no more out there; another new breed of urban Ninjas: salesmen and women, promoters, swindlers etc. though of different origins, use the same of mind reading technique that was once employed by the Ninjas of the old.


So what is our fatal behavior that could blindfold us from being deceived and backstabbed and yet we still pad on the person’s shoulder and call him/her good brother/sister? Well, the key is very simple:


Our hobbies/interests


Perhaps some of us have made used of the below technique:


For example:


Your boss likes to play golf, you are the only person amongst many that can play good golf; naturally you would also be your boss’s best pal and you would also climb up the corporate ladders very fast. This is because you have penetrated deep into your boss’s comfort zone. Things would get more excited when you have penetrated into a few bosses’ comfort zones and that’s when you become the master puppeteer or your bosses. It is at this time that you can do your magic to create sabotage, slandering, backstabbing ore even do favors to the persons you like… The best person playing this kind of games would be the: SECRETARIES!


Hahaha! So beware of these people. Others possible folks would be the receptionist in your office for she might guide your important customers to her favorite salesperson. I have seen many cases in local and MNCs!


It is not difficult to stop such intrusions but not many people can avoid them especially when the opponent’s network is formed in your office. Whatever the situation is, please remember this:


There is no free lunch!


If you are of someone of importance, people would try many ways to get near you by offering ‘free’ lunch and in particular sexual favors. Sexual favors in office politics is a big taboo and a no-no whatever the reasons are; and if you are the boss, you one night stand might be your last night stand on the brim of the office roof! Think about it or just retire and lead a simple life…


Last but not least:

It is not easy to be easy; it is not hard to be hard!


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