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Invocation Of A Kid (请童子)

Master template of Liuren
Invocation of a kid is a direct translation of “请童子”. It is special part of Taoist invulnerability school magic. These types of schools perhaps refer to Liuren School (六壬神功) and Jinyin Cult (金英教) now days. Invocation of kids is almost similar to that of folk spirit mediums (降童). When a medium is possessed by spirits, he/she can be either conscious or unconscious. Likewise happens when a ‘kid’ possessed the body of a practitioner.


Whoever wanted to perform ‘kid invocation’, he must first go through the initiation ritual (过教). A beginner should begin his/her practice in front of an altar proper. When a ‘kid’ has successfully possessed the person’s body, this person shall be able to perform martial art or dance movements. Some folks attribute that to ‘soul training’ (练灵); this phenomenon is also similar to the practice of Tenaga Dalam.


According to the proponents, this ‘kid’ spirit can protect, perform exorcism and bestow invulnerability etc. In the past, people practise invulnerability ritual in the hope to withstand the fire arms of the West in old China. I don’t have to tell you who won the battle at the end of the day. There are mantras for invocation of kid transmitted amongst the followers:






The invocation of a kid


"To the scared heaven and earth, a man invites god, god becomes man; man becomes god. Which god had I conjured? I am invocating the gods in front of my altar. I am requesting the mentioned gods to support my body: the east sea is great, the west village is beautiful, the south sea is amazing and the north water is wonderful. Crossing thousands of mountain ranges and water ways, with waves on the ocean; gods appear on top of the waves. The method of Incense Mountain is the method of mountain opening. The kid is helping disciple to invite gods of mountains. I am inviting the gods of every mountain. The Maoshan Master is helping me to invoke my spiritual kid; opening his golden mouth and speaking the truth. If the one that comes is a demon, the emperor of 5 kings and the grand master of 3 religions will chop it without mercy."






The request for departure


"The heaven is bright, so is the earth. I opened up hundred thousand miles of Long River, all immortal masters and gods; retrieve the kid and release my soul to this world."


In case you wonder, this ‘kid’ has nothing to do with the Thai ‘kid spirit’ or better known as ‘kumanthong’.


Please also don’t try the above mantra as I cannot guarantee what will come to you without proper guidance.

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