Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Powerful Way To Call Back Runaway Spouse

The below ritual is old Malay Magic meant for calling back runaway; but this ritual is meant for legitimate relationships only. The magic will not work if one is not serious or if he/she is the third person. It is said that this is a very powerful way to restore broken relationships between husband and wife in the event that one party is having an affair and leave the family.

Now for the benefit if one’s spouse has left him/her for another party, then consider performing the below ritual:

1.      Fasting 7 Mondays & 7 Thursdays (Only fasting on Monday and Thursday for 7 days each).

2.      While fasting, cannot consume food like meat, milk, eggs & etc.

3.      Chant the below mantra 35x before going to bed (Before sleep he/she must berwudhu/clean oneself first). After one has finished chanting the below mantra, he/she should call the name of the person while tapping on your pillow 3 times. He/she should then sleep and that he/she should not think of anything else.

Innalloha 'Alaa kulli syai'in qodir
Rohku cahayaku yusuf
Mukaku muka Ali
Badanku badan Muhammad
Barang siapa yang melihatku, tolong ambilkan si...
(The 3rd party's name)
Tolong antarkan samaku hatinya si... (The person’s name) BIN... (The person mothers name)
Laa illahaillaloh Muhammadur Rasulluloh"

Notes : If the target person is a female replace the word BIN with BINTI

For those who are really serious, the results can be seen after 7 days. After the person has returned, then the ritual caster must make every effort to maintain good relationships with his/her spouse or the spouse will leave for a second time. If this happens, then further call back ritual shall not be fruitful.


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