Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aji Puasa Mutih Si Lung Jangga

This Aji is to open and emit an aura of you to look handsome or beautiful. It is also to add charm. With this spells it will cause great feelings of love affair because of your shinning face. Supernatural brother of man’s own self called SEDULUR PAPAT LIMO PANCER will help to shine an aura that stick on Lathi (Mouth senses) so that by your words and sweet smile already able to attract someone of the opposite sex.




“Bismillahirrohman nirrohim

Salamualaikum salam

Ingsun matak ajiku silung jangga

manglung-manglung anoleh kekasihku

dan tepungake pecuking rambutku

pecuking alisku

Pecuking idepku dak tepungake maniking mripatku

telengin rasaku kumpul luluhing rasa

rohe-rohku nyawane nyawaku

rasane rasaku teka welas teko asih si jabang bayine ...... (Targets & target's parents name)

Andalu badan sliroku


Explanation :

·         Fasting mutih milang for 7days and nights. Starting on Tuesday Kliwon, Wednesday Legi, Thursday Pahing for 3 times in a row.

·         Starts from pre-dawn meal.

·         Compulsory to be done: Prayer, yoga or meditation. Shall be conducted in a close room (bedroom) with semadi position.

·         Do not fool around, as it should be continued with a marital relationship because you will be facing law of karma if no serious.




1.      You are breaking taboos and requirements. It will be fixed once conditions are met again.

2.      Lack of confidence against this, because if you are unsure, the Khodam Ilmu will be difficult to help you. So you must be strong and belief in it. Do not have the slightest doubt; get rid of all that thoughts.

3.      Maybe you have pronounced the mantra wrongly. A single mistake will have effect on the whole mantra.

4.      Perhaps you perform this ritual not in sequential. Rituals must sequentially from the first till the last step.

5.      Maybe you are lack of concentration. You have to really think of this Art, and meditate to Allah.

6.      Most importantly, if you are subjected to sengkala*, as best you must be cured by a Paranormal first.




Sengkala is a sacred Javanese Ritual / ceremony in order to improve the quality of one's identity and appearance, by special technique.


I am not responsible for any misuse of this mantra. It is recommended for you to be accompanied by a guru.


  1. Thanks for sharing some of the javanese mantras. In your experience do you think the javanese love spells are more effective then the Islamic ones ? Somebody told me there are more restrictions using the muslim way.


    1. Basically all love spells are the same. The key to effective love magic execution really depends on one's khodam and personal spirits; and also other factors... Of course there are retrictions on using the muslim way if a person is not a muslim... I think the reason is pretty obvious too...

  2. Thankyou for the clarification Mr Liew.