Saturday, November 22, 2014

Javanese Traditional Healing Exercise

It is said the below exercise can be used to cure hardcore illnesses such as diabetes, rheumatism, cold feet, syphilis etc. In short it is said to be useful in treating all type of illnesses except for cuts and bone injuries.


This exercise should be performed at least 2 hours after meal and best before bed time. One should choose a clean and open place where the air can circulate freely.



As shown in the above picture, one should stand up with feet spread apart and facing north. Before beginning the exercise, one should recite a simple prayer:


“In the name of God, the ever powerful; I request to be bestowed by pure strength to help me in recovering my illnesses.”


Now, raise your toe and arms and breathe in as much as you can. In such a position, all of your body weight would be on your toes. Hold your breath as long as you can. Release your breath and lower your body. You should repeat the exercise 3 times but please don’t force yourself.


The second step is to lie down onto the floor and relax. You should remove your watch, ring or bracelets for that matter.


After you felt comfortable, inhale and hold your breath in your lungs. Now push the air down to your abdomen in such a way that your lungs are now empty of air. You should repeat this exercise 5 times to and fro: 5 times up and 5 times down. This would take about 1 minute or so. You should repeat this exercise for 3 times and relax.


As usual, the more times you perform the above two exercises, the more noticeable results would be. But, as a precautionary step, consult your doctor first before venturing in these exercises please.


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