Thursday, November 20, 2014

Love Magic Using Salt

Thai Magic:


First chant and blow on to a handful of salt and hold with both right index and thumb finger tips. After that chant the below mantra 3 times:


“Oom Ceru Maha Ceri ,

Ku Tam Sede Rag,

Hhai Man Ro Chang,

Kap Prak Pam Tum”


Method 1:


Pour some water onto your fingertips then let go of the salt together with the water, bend your hand a little till the water falls to your elbow. Then the water can be use to mix with any other drinks such as Coffee


While mixing with the water say your targets name –


“Ye (name) if you drink the water that flows under my elbow, then lender your love towards me.”


Method 2:


Chant above mantra together with a big salt grain for 7x throw and then at your target or sow at the path he/she uses every day. Surely he/she will get nervous if he/she does not greet or get to know you and that he/she shall be willing to follow you home...


Again, I do not guarantee if this magic will work for you for you would need to pray to Kurba Archan and the lineage familiar spirits.


Indian Shabar Mantra:


Below is salt vashikaran spell to attract girls or women:


Om Bhaghwati Bhag Bhaag Dayani (name of girl) mam vashya karu karu swaha ||


Steps to do this salt vashikaran:


Please be reminded that this vashikaran is specific used to attract a lady.


First, this ritual should be performed on Thursday.


Take some salt and chant the above mantra 7 times. After that mix this empowered salt into food or drinks and let the lady consume. The lady should be attracted to the spell caster if everything is okay…

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