Thursday, November 27, 2014

Magicians, Read This Book First!

I received the book “How Life Works” by Andrew Matthews in a DHL express box together with other stuffs from a dear friend. This book is about keeping our mind active and positive in the most practical way. “How Life Works” is a good read and it is worthwhile to read it over and over again for an occultist or for those folks wish to seek ways out using magical means.


It would be over the fact to say that all your problems could be solved by following the suggestions in the book, but at least things listed in “How Life Works” serve as mirrors reflecting our current states of mind; that we may or may not be aware of. For example:


·         How our minds work

·         Law of attraction: positive mind attracts positive attitude

·         Our though forms affect our life

·         We are interconnected: we affect people around us

·         Look at the bright side

·         Be thankful

·         Pray as this is a magical world

·         Pray, but we still need to work hard!

·         And many more…


Once a person has read “How Life Works”, the below questions would be answered automatically:


·         “Why my spouse has left me?”

·         “Why am I still single?”

·         “Why am I not happy/lonely?”

·         “Why my Phra Ngan/Kumanthong/Jinni didn’t help me?”

·         “Why is my life so hard?”

·         “Why, why, why?”


I promise that you would be a happier person after you understand yourself better. Of course, when you feel happy with your life; magic also works better for you too. I don’t want to make this sound like a book promotion, but get yourself a copy and tell me what you think.


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