Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Job In 20 Years: Now, Then And Future

I am pretty sure here in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world too, the available job markets are shrinking. When I started my job here in Penang some 20 years ago, my pay was around MYR2,200 with a MNC. And after 20 odd years later, the starting pay with this MNC is still MYR2,200! In case you have no clue of the inflation rate, let me show you an example: a 800 square feet flat cost around MYR150,000; now this same flat is priced around MYR350,000 and going up!


What would become of our job market in Penang? Let us resort to Kalachakra Astrology (just for the fun of it).


From 1984 to 2003:

Period: 7th
Ruling element: metal
Ruling planet: Mercury, Marc

The combination of Mercury with metal gave rise to many new born religions, so-called New Age cults. This was the time where the numbers of mediums and magicians were at their height. Needless to say, anything and everything about magic goes: amulets, statues, books, magic rituals.


This was also the booming market for entertainment industries, almost all of the electronic manufacturing plants in Penang at that time were making something related to entertainment industries. So factory jobs were plentiful at that time. People were happy with jobs and money.


What followed next when people had a little too much of money, they spent on nightclubs and social escorts. Period 7 belongs to young ladies; this is their good time to make money.


During this time, it was employee’s world and it is better to find a job than to do business…


However, after 1996 things started to change when Mars started its rule. The power of Mars burnt off all those vanity of magicians and mediums. And gradually the occult is no more science.


From 2004 to 2023:


Period: 8th
Ruling element: earth
Ruling planet: Mars (4), Jupiter, Venus


Period 8 is the period for our young men. However, these young men only had 4 years of good time and had to suffer throughout the rule of Jupiter and Venus. During the rule of Jupiter, these young men had to work very hard to please their bosses and that their income is not much. During the rule of Venus, the young men had to work extra hard to earn a living; but it is also true that they spent most of their money for entertainment. So, everything returns to ‘emptiness’.

This is the period for building constructions: bungalows, high-rise residential buildings and mega construction projects. It is thus needless to say that works in construction sites are plentiful and hence the need to foreign labors. This is the time for hands-on jobs: plumbers, electricians, welders etc.


This is also a time for the employees to think of their ‘next steps’ especially for those in the entertainment, IT or computing businesses. It is best time to prepare to engage into own businesses.


From 2024 to 2043:


Period: 9th
Ruling element: fire
Ruling planet: Venus (8), Saturn


Period 9 belongs to the middle age group and it is ruled by element fire.


So, building constructions continue for another 20 years or so down South. Lighting industries, foods and beverages, IT, energy production utilities or fuel, oil related industries shall be the prime during these periods. But since the effect of fire would be neutralized by Saturn, then I have some reserve on if Period 9 can make miracles to Penang and the rest of the world.


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