Thursday, November 27, 2014

Methods Of Transference (寄法)

Methods of transference are variations of Taoist magic popular among the Miao and Yao tribes normally meant for healing or protection. People believe sores, rash, tumor, toothache and even pains can be transferred to a tree or plants. I have heard the story that some Miao folks remained unharmed despite being brutally attacked by their enemies using sticks. I have collected some transference rituals below for your reference:


Rash and measles (湿疹,痒疹):


·         The healer and patient must stand one foot in and one foot out at threshold of the main door. A straw should be used to make a transverse measurement and the patient is then asked to cough once. After that, the straw is broken and then thrown away. The healer will feel his/her nape itches but it will subside in a few days. Be careful as not to let others to stand beside.


Sty/eye needle (麦粒肿,眼针):


·         The healer and patient should stand as above. After that the healer should take a needle to cut 3 pieces of strings transversely from the patient’s garment and then the patient is asked to cough once. Once the strings are broken, and the patient shall be cured.


Erysipelas (丹毒/卷身龙):


·         The healer would take a piece of paper and roll it up; wet it with some vegetable oil. Now the patient is asked to stand facing a wall. The healer would use his left finger to rub onto the wall in order to collect some dirt. After rubbing the wall once, he/she would then recite the mantra: “Dragon head, dragon and tiger burnt in fire; only the dragon head is burnt not the tiger.”


Pain relieves (止痛):


·         There is a saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine: “Amongst all of the sickness, taking care of pain is first and foremost.” It is certainly true that once pain is relieved, the sickness is already half cured.

·         In this method, a healer would first inscribe the character ‘’ and then another 4 similar characters. Simultaneously, he/she would recite: “I am retrieving the order of forbiddance, hence removing the mountain of 5 elements, by digging up the waters of rivers; I am tying up the dragon onto seaside.”


Toothaches (牙痛):


·         First, one must get a piece of iron nail and bite it with the sore tooth. After that he should use the iron nail to continuously striking on the top of a piece of copper rod and chanting non-stop: “no more pain, no more pain, I am shouting until the wind of worms retreat.” After chanting for a while, the person should nail the nail completely into the tree.


Assaults by sticks (寄打):


·         There is a set of rituals transferred down from Miao masters. The mantra reads like: “… the planks transformed into goose feathers, the sticks into wicks, the assailants became shrimps and ants. 1000 strokes on me, 1000 strokes transferred out. All the shouts are transferred beside a huge gong. For 10000 strokes on me, 10000 strokes are transferred out; my body is transferred into the Immortal Mountain…”


Of course there are many more similar rituals. However, I cannot answer the question if the above rituals work. It is really up to each person to evaluate and decide.



  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    We have (or better had) this kind of Healing here in the West too !

    It's called: "Sympathetische Medizin/Heilkunde" (Sympathetic Medicine)

    It is (was) used for the cure of various Diseases, f.e Fever, Broken Bones, Wounds, for Transplanting the Strengh of a Horse into a Human,...e.t.c

    It uses all kinnds of different Materials, Living and Non-Living....
    f.e Trees, Animals, Blood, Meat, Urine,...e.t.c

    Here is a book that deals with that kind of healing:

    But there are other ones too...a very interesting topic indeed !

    Thank you for your precious time !

    Michael B.

    1. Dear Michael,

      Thank you for the additional information!

      Yes. It is indeed interesting to learn that the East and West once had somekind of similar healing rituals. Perhaps all of the rituals are of the same origin? I would certainly like to see a compilation of all these rituals in a collection of great work!


  2. Dear Mr. Liew !

    They have 100% the same roots !

    Like the Religions..are teaching in reality the "same" things, but are focusing on a "special devotional form"...Islam (Serving/Obeying), Buddhism (Karma),Christianity (Sacrifice)...e.t.c

    But in reality, they are all teaching how you can approach god/divine source...some religions do not say this "directly" (do not have a creator god,..e.t.c), but in the end, it is the ultimate "aim", that all the other religions have too.

    Every religion teaches you only a "part" of god/universe.

    Well i have quite a few....but they are all in German...

    The largest collection that i have downloaded are the Books of
    Heinrich von Gerstenbergk :

    "Die Wunder der Sympathie und des Magnetismus oder die enthüllten Zauberkräfte und Geheimnisse der Natur" ("The Wonders of Sympathy or the Magical Powers and Secrets of Nature")

    4 books with several hundred (each book !) "special cures" and the like...
    VERY many sympathietic things too !


    There are a few anglish books too....but this is the biggest (or at least one of the biggest) collections about this topic that i know of...

    Thank you ver ymuch for your preciou time !

    Michael B.