Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Healing Arts In Kalachakra System

If we treat Kalachakra in religious perspective, then it is a ritual that combines wisdom and casual methodologies. It is through lengthy breathing and meditation exercises in the achievement of supreme joy. Kalachakra teaching recognises that our body is the source of all accomplishments. Without our body, then we shall not attain accomplishments; so it is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy body through special exercises to tune up our hearts and nadis. In the event that we fall sick, then we can use breathing exercises coupled with selected various plants, animals, minerals etc. to make medications for sickness treatments.


The main practice of Kalachakra breathing exercise is called the ‘vase breathing’ (宝瓶气). Other related one would be the ‘vajra recitations’ (金刚诵). Both of these exercises belonged to part of Mahamudra (大手印) system. There are two methods to disperse sick prana () in Kalachakra: the internal disperse and external disperse. When sick prana is led to the heart and transformed into bright wisdom prana, then it is called internal disperse; if the sick prana is dispersed all over the body and discharged through our skin pores, then it is known as external disperse.


For example, there are about 20 sources of lung irritations lies in our forehead and head. So, one should perform vase breathing at the forehead to remove various lung sicknesses. If one fails to perform vase breathing, then the sick prana would cause gallbladder problems. Hence he/she should first exhaust out the sick dirty prana and then perform vase breathing to contain fresh air. The saliva hence produced can cure gallbladder sickness. Likewise, throat, heart, edema, eyes sicknesses could be cured by doing vase breathings in various body parts.


Other than that of the breathing exercises, there is also a host of precious formulas to cure various sicknesses such as tumours, cancers and other common and not so common diseases. For example warm urine in the morning can cure toothache and bad breath. Breathing of cold air in the morning can cure headache, urine and water can be used to cure eye and ear sickness; peppers, piper and ginger can stimulate one’s spirit.


Boils (疖子) can be cured by applying the gum from Agarwood tree (沉香). Nutmeg can be used to cure mouth and teeth diseases. The method for making the medication is to boil 1 part of nutmeg with 8 parts of water until the water becomes one quarter. A toothache patient should drink the above nutmeg soup together with milk. It is recorded that the leaves of Nutmeg tree can also be used. Other types of herbs such as Nagakitsa can be used to cure nose disease.


It is certainly true that Kalachakra tantra has greatly enhanced and integrated with Tibetan medicine forming a unique treatment system on clinical diagnosis, use of medications and disease prevention theories and methods. Perhaps we should explore more on the non-religious aspects of Kalachakra knowledge instead of just perform chanting for hours.

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