Friday, November 21, 2014

Ilmu Terawangan (Psychic Remote Viewing)

This practice is useful in enabling a practitioner to see spiritual world from a far and also to see the power hidden within an item, heirloom or talisman. The condition is that one must believe in God, this person should also be hard working; and patience and he/she should not rush and he/she should not give up easily.


The ritual to enable this ilmu to be absorbed:


He/she should recite the below ayat after the compulsory prayers for 1 week continuously:






After performing solat sunnah hajat for 2 rakat after midnight night, then recite ayat 1 above for 21x and ayat 2 for 1000x every night for 1 week as mentioned above.


During the night practice, one should close his/her eyes and concentrate at the place between his/her eye brows; i.e. the 3rd eye area.


Practicising To ‘Terawangan’ (See):


After one has completed the absorption of this ilmu, then he/she is ready to practise ‘seeing’. The best time is during the midnight, or after the solat maghrib or at dawn. One must find a quite place and in the dark; it is best if the place is a known haunted place.


After this person has cleaned him/herself, then please sit facing kiblat and close one’s eyes. It is best if one can burn some incense such as that of Benzoin.


One should breathe normally with long and long breathe where the inhale and exhale should be at the same pace.


After one has focus in between the 3rd eye area, recite the intention:


“Oh, God, bestow thy servant the ability to see with my psychic eye things that cannot be seen with my naked eyes.”


Now recite ayat 1 and ayat 2 above for 21x each.


One should perceive the environment with calm and ease. He/she should observe if he/she can observe s dot of light at the 3rd eye area. When the light spot is present, then one should turn his/her attention towards the light source.


After that, stare with paced breathing and find an object that one wanted to see while reciting the prayer: “Laa ilaaha illallaah” repeatedly.


It would be a norm that the light dot becomes bigger as time passes.


Please remember to use one’s psychic eye so his/her psychical eyes should still be shut so as not to be influenced by the environment.


When the picture is still not yet clear from the psychic viewing, then repeat the above exercise at the following nights. It is only by continuous tuning of one’s psychic eye that one could clean and hence sharpen his/her psychic eye.


In short, one should be diligent and have patience in this exercise.


·        For the gifted ones, then one can already see spiritual world during the absorption ilmu phase.

·      The practice of ayat 2 is best to carry on for sharpen and cure one’s psychic eye. It is suffice to practise after the dawn and maghrib prayer by reciting ayat 2 7x.


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