Sunday, November 30, 2014

Know Your Future With Panchanguli Sadhana

There are many systems of predictions that enable us to know our future: Astrology, Palmistry, Divination, Tarot etc. The simplest and most popular amongst of all is the palmistry. There is another method which a person can know the future, which is through the practice of Panchanguli Sadhana.


Panch-anguli is the deity of Kaal Gyaan i.e. who can help one know about Time. Through her Sadhana a person could easily foresee future happenings hence mishaps can be avoided. Also it is through Her Sadhana that a person could become expert in Palmistry and a reliable soothsayer.


Tthe Panchanguli Sadhana.


1.      One needs an empowered Panchanguli Yantra and siddhi rosary.

2.      It can be tried on the second, fifth, seventh day of a White Month.

3.      It must be accomplished between 4 am and 6 am in a quiet place.

4.      He/she should be seated on a piece of yellow mat facing East and wear Yellow clothes.

5.      The Yantra and picture of Goddess Panchanguli should be placed on a wooden seat covered with yellow clothes.

6.      He/she should draw Swastik on Yantra with vermilion.

7.      After that, prayers to Lord Ganpati and Guru should be made.

8.      Next offer prayers to the Yantra offering sixteen articles - vermilion, sweets, water, flowers, rice grains, sandalwood paste, milk, honey, curd, ghee, cloves, betel nut, betel leaves, sugar, mouli (holy red thread) and Panchamrit (mixture of milk, water, honey, curd and ghee).

9.      Next he/she should chant the following Mantra meditating on the form of the Goddess:

Panchanguli Mahaadevi Shree Seemaandhar Shaasane. Adhishtthaatri Karasyaasou Shaktih Shree Tridasheshituh.

10.  He/she should take water in the right palm and pledge that you are chanting the Panchanguli Mantra for gain of divine vision. Next with rosary chant one round of the following Mantra:

Om Namo Panchaanguli Panchaanguli
Parashari Maataa Mayamangal Vashikaranni
Lohamaya Dand Mannini Chounsatth Kaam
Vihandani Raaulmadhye Shatrumadhye
Deewaanmadhye Bhootmadhye Pretmadhye
Pishaachmadhye Jhontingmadhye
Daakinimadhye Shankhinimadhye
Yakshinnimadhye Doshinnimadhye
Shokanimadhye Gunneemadhye
Gaarudeemadhye Vinaareemadhye Doshmadhye
Doshaasharannmadhye Dushtmadhye Ghor Kasht
Mujh Oopar Jo Koi Kare Karaave Jade Jadaave
Chinte Chintaave Tas Maathe Shree Maataa
PAnchanguli Devi Tanno Vajra Nirdhaar Pade
Om Ttham Ttham Ttham Swaahaa.

11.  Do this regularly for 7 days consecutively.

12.  Chant the Mantra at the same time daily.

13.  After completion of the Sadhana throw the Sadhana articles in a river or pond.

14.  Follow the following rules during the course of Sadhana.



·         Maintain celibacy during the Sadhana days.

·         Have a bath before Sadhana.

·         Sleep on the floor.

·         Maintain purity of body and mind.

·         Avoid talking too much.

·         Eat only pure food.

·         Chant the Mantra with full devotion. Do not move or get up during the Mantra chanting.

·         A ghee lamp should keep burning during the Sadhana.


If the Sadhana is tried with full faith and devotion one surely attains to success and one is able to look into anyone's past, present or future.


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  1. it seems easy but still need determination and getting panchanguli picture and yantra may be difficult.

    I had the experience of doing one sadhna for 40 days but very tough one that is. This seems easy and also the mantra is small.