Friday, November 28, 2014

Simple Taoist Exorcism Ritual (百解消灾)

Items required: the hundred solutions (biggest piece), the paper manikin, the gold foils and the silver foils.
I like to keep a few simple Taoist rituals at hand as they can be very simple and effective way to solve my day to day issues.


Have you experience that after you have visited a funeral ceremony, a graveyard or after a night out, you suddenly feel headache, drowsy with light feverish? If you do, then Taoists believe that you may be affected by wandering spirits.


There are many ways to go about tackling such a spirit intrusion issue, the below method is my favorite as it has been tried and tested. This method is also good for those having low spirits.


The items you will need:


·         A piece of hundred solutions, the biggest piece (百解符)

·         A paper manikin, male/female (替身)

·         Some gold foils (金纸)

·         Some silver foils (银纸)


This ritual can be done at any time.


First, take a piece of ‘hundred solutions, a paper manikin, 3~5 pieces of gold and silver foils each. Now, sweep the papers top down a few times until you feel alright. After you are done, burn the papers outside of your house as offerings to whatever there is to leave in peace. Whatever you do, please don’t burn the paper offerings in your house!


You may need to repeat this ritual a few times if the condition is severe. This method is also applicable to light case of mental disorders.


In Asia, the above materials can be purchased in Chinese shops selling Taoist artifacts. There are some shops in US and Europe selling similar items too. If you do it right, you can save hundreds of dollars consulting Taoists!

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