Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mantra Kekal Lestari (Everlasting Love)

This spells is to strengthen the effect of all existing love magic, meaning when you get the love from the target, his/her love to you will be strengthened till marriage or even death. The target will not be easily attracted by others; he/she will be loyal to you. So this mantra is not for you to get love but to maintain your love.


Remember...!!! This mantra is to use on the person who you seriously going to marry. If you just want to have fun, do not use this because you will not be able to break up with the target.


Mantra :

Bismillahirrohman nirrohim

Zatulan Dahulu jadi masuk digedung mahirat

Yahu-yaa-hu yaa hu Bernafas padamu Isrofil dan Mikail

Kau kusuruh kepada Tuhan Allah, ambilkan Roh kelawan si...... (target’s name and target’s parents’ name)

Kawinkan padaku, serah kepada Allah berkat do'aku.

Laa illahaillallah Muhammadarusullulloh


Explanation :

·         Chant every night before sleep

·         Chant when you meet with your target.



Things that cause failure:


·       You are breaking taboos and requirements. It will be corrected once conditions are met again.


·       You are lack of confidence against this spell, because you are unsure, this khodam ilmu will also be lazy to assist you. So you must be strong and have complete faith in it. Do not have the slightest doubt; get rid of all those thoughts.


·       Maybe you pronounce the mantra wrongly. You may not pronounce a single word wrong as it will cause the whole spell not to work.


·       Perhaps you perform this ritual in the wrong sequence. Rituals must be performed from the first till the last step.


·       Maybe you are lack of concentration. You have to really think of this Art, have faith and meditate to Allah.


·        Most importantly, you are subject to sengkala. You must be cured by a Paranormal


Notes :


SUPRANATURAL will not hold any responsible for any misuse of this mantra. It is recommended that you are accompanied by a guru.

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