Friday, November 28, 2014

Sending Off A Kid (送童子)

Many times concern mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, in laws; friends came to be and ask:


“Why is good Mary not married yet? She is already 40+, she has good career etc.”


 “Why is good old John still single? He has almost everything in life…”


There are many reasons why a person remains single and unattached to date.


Tell tale signs can be found from astrology or Feng Shui audit:


In astrology, if the character of a lady is too strong, too dry or she is destined to have no husband; then this lady will remain single. Likewise, if a man has no fortune, then he also would not have a wife in this life.


In Feng Shui, if the front door of the house a person dwells in faces flying star 5 and 2, then this person is likely to remain single too as long as he/she stays in this house.


However, there is a third aspect according Taoist’s view:


“A person stays single over 30 years old may be due to his/her previous partner is still attached to him/her. This may be due to the fact that this person’s relation with his/her previous life partner was too good or too bad. So much so that the soul of his/her partner followed this person to current life.”


In order to end this relationship, a ritual called ‘sending off a kid’ need to be carried out. The ‘kid’ here refers to the person who is still single. In Chinese custom, anyone who is still single is known as a ‘kid’ even he/she is already 100 years old.


This ritual is not complicate but it needs to be carried out by a second person who may be the person’s nephew or niece, ideally this person is younger than the bachelor. After an auspicious date is selected, offerings items such as a paper manikin, joss papers and a small paper boat or horse of some sort is burnt at the nearest road junction or river.


If the item is carried out correctly, then the bachelor would hear of good news in a relative short time, some say 100 days or so. I supposed, any single and attached persons may try this ritual if he/she has fate in it. After all, it only cost a few dollars if he/she performs this ritual him/herself. Of course, please don’t forget to give a red packet (money) to the person who is performing the ritual for good omen.

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