Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ilmu Puter Giling (Soul Calling)

Ilmu Puter Giling is yet another kind of high level love magic that can influence the soul of a target over a distance.

For those who have been left by your lover that's irresponsible or abandon by family members and so on and wish to get that person back. Here's the way. The person that you want will be back to you.

1.      Fasting 7 Mondays and 7 Thursdays with fasting intentions "Nawaitu souma ghodin li qodo'i hajati liilahi taala"

2.      At midnight of the fasting period chant the below mantra 33 x :

"Allohuma putar giling putarkan hati ... bin/binti ... kena keputar maringgi syahadat tunggal, ma'rifat tauhid maringgi alloh (laa illaaha illaloh Muhamad rosululloh 33x) walau anna qur'anan suyyirot bihil jibalu au quttiat bihil ardu au kullima, bihil mauta, bihilan roh si ... bin/binti ... (laa illaaha illaloh Muhamad rosululloh 33x)".

Insya allah the above's power will make the person misses you and come back to you.

Explanation : 1st few dots to be replace with the person’s name/ 2nd few dots to be replaced with the persons fathers name or parents name. While bin is use for male and binti if it is a female.

This ritual also works to attract the burglar who stole something from your house. Just replace the dots with example "the burglar has taken my property which is like (items stolen). The word "bin/binti" does not have to be said. Insya allah the burglar will return the things to you.

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