Friday, April 1, 2016

A Court Case Solution (Pháp Hui Yếm)

This is a Vietnamese legal affair curse magic aiming at harming an opposition and hence ceasing the case one way or another.

The method is to write the opponent's name and age in the talisman and then recite the below mantra:

Nap ra rnl phu ra ra li ma ti hap lu
lu boro bay they qia lu phu lue
lue tang a lay a lay phu cap cap
mo thi a tniit rae ru ra bnr lue linr

After that burn the talisman in front of the opponent's house or workplace and let him/her step over the ash. The magic will take effect pretty soon pending on one's magic power and supporting spirits.

I suspect the 'Ho Ten Tun' is somehow refers to '何天尊'; which showing Taoist influence in a way.