Saturday, September 1, 2012

Call Back A Runaway Person

I received many mails lately regarding seeking help to call back a runaway wife, husband, business partner etc. So I guessed instead of replying to individual mail, I will publish some seemingly simple rituals for your reference. As to how effective is these rituals, my answer will still be the same: it really depends on your personal spiritual achievement. As the saying goes: "Do not hug the Buddha's feet at the last minute". So be consistent in your daily ritual practise.
Taoist Magic
  1. Asking help from a spirit:
    • Go to a new grave in the evening with some food offerings, incense sticks and paper money.
    • State your intention clearly and only one thing at a time please.
    • After that, make a promise to the spirit if the person returns home; then you will come and offer the deceased with more offering, or perform a deliverance ritual for the spirit.
    • If you have done the ritual properly, then the spirit will appear in your dream and inform you of the outcome.
  2. The well method:
    • Put a piece of magnet and wrap it with the clothing of the runaway.
    • Hang the runaway's clothing in the middle of a well or a big urn.
    • Repeatedly call his or name for 49x. You must perform the ritual for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or 49 days.
    • If after 49 days, the person still fail to return; then his or her soul must be released because it is deemed that the person is physically tied up by someone. Further ritual will harm the runaway's well being.
Thai Magic

  1. Soul call ritual:
    • Prepare some offerings and invoke the blessings of your lineage gurus, guardians etc.
    • Recite the Thai soul retrieval chant in this blog.
    • Perform the ritual for 49 days max.
  2. Hanging hair ritual:
    • Get a piece of the runaway's hair.
    • Find a tree branch and tie the hair onto the branch.
    • Call his or her name while blowing at the hair.
    • If you have done the ritual correctly, then the runaway will feel very uneasy and hurriedly home.
  3. The Phra Ngan needles:
    • This is for Phra Ngan practitioner only. Of course there are other flying needle methods.
    • Prepare some offerings to Phra Ngan
    • Prepare a manikin of the runaway and 7 needles.
    • Call upon Phra Ngan and poke a needle to the manikin.
    • Repeat the ritual until you have completed all 7 needles. Whatever you do, never poke the heart of the manikin; unless you want this person to die of course.
    • If the person fail to return after 49 days, then you must remove the needle curse because if you do not, this person will fall sick and may die.
So I have present to you all 5 rituals for call back runaways. The rituals work with a magician not general public however, there are talismans involve and detailed instructions ... Too lengthy tand too lazy to be described openly.

Honestly ask yourself, do you really want the person to come back?


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