Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Ritual For Learning Death Touch (点穴仪式)

While the Chinese calls it ‘dian xue’ (点穴), the western friends calls it ‘dim mak’ (点脉); I would just call it ‘death touch’. “Dim mak’ is actually Cantonese term refers to the touching of energy channels in our human body. Whatever you choose to call this type of deadly and mysterious technique, do you know that there is an accompanied ritual before one begins to learn about this lethal art?

I learnt this method from Master Yang many years ago who was from Guangxi (广西), China.

This is a Taoist ritual, so before one begins to learn about the art of death touch, an inspired student should first draw an image of the Jade Emperor. Then this person should sit on a chair with his/her feet dangling down without touching the ground… of course, the person must find a tall chair for this purpose or he/she needs to prop up the chair.

After sit in the chair, the person should stare at this Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝) and recites the below mantra 49x:


(I raise my eyes towards the clear sky and my master is beside me. So-and-so is wearing iron head and octagonal shirt. My iron lever, my iron lungs, my iron bone and heart. Do not come if uninvited, it is not effective if uninvited. I carry out the order of grand old Taoist master hastily!)

The above mantra should be recited for 49 consecutive days. After that, the student is ready to learn about various pressure points and energy channels of our body while learning techniques to enhance his/her fingers strength.

After 49 days, the master will bring the disciple to the top of a mountain or jungle with a cock. At a suitable place, the cock is slaughtered and its blood is used as an offering to the mountain spirit. After that, the master shall start to part his most secret knowledge of ‘dim mak’. For example, on the use of herbs and killer techniques.

Of course, such barbarous teaching technique is no longer in practice. Then and again, how many people would want to learn about ‘dim mak’ now days?

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