Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Pocong Of Tawau (斗湖的鬼故事)

There is a very old mosque in Tawau, Sabah which has a piece of vast Malay graveyard at the back. Opposite this graveyard is an Islamic primary school which is said to be haunted. Just off this school is federal highway. Interestingly speaking, the street lightings always breakdown and caused the whole place to be dimly lit during the nights. Many people would avoid this section of the road for the fear of ‘you know what’.

Local story has it that one very bad person known by the name Ahmed was hatred by his community died in a horrific accident and his body was later buried in the said cemetery. Since nobody practically likes this thug, no one attended his funeral service and he was buried in hastily.

Not long after Ahmed died, people who stayed around the cemetery started to experience strange happenings. First it was that someone or ‘something’ was banging at their doors. Let me repeat, it was ‘banging’ not ‘knocking’. When people opened their doors, nothing was found except they would hear faintly in the air somebody crying and asking for help.

Those who returned during midnight would hear voices of people weeping first at a far and then approaching quickly. Some lucky ones would saw white shadow jumping to and fro on the street. Some residents even claimed to have seen a mummy like object used its head to bang at the persons’ windows. Naturally, people in that area were scared to their wits and everyone would shut their doors after 9pm. In case, you are not aware, when a Muslim died, his/her body would be wrapped with a piece of white cloth signifying that all his/her sins would be purified as white as the piece of white cloth as I was told.

My friend, Joe’s cousin sister was getting married. All of his relatives attended the wedding ceremony and the celebration lasted until fairly late at night. After the wedding ceremony, Joe drove his pick-up truck to return to his home. Unfortunately speaking, in this wee hours that Joe had to drive alone through the road by the said haunted cemetery.

Just as when Joe prayed that nothing would happen during the short journey, his rear tyre suddenly became flat. At this point, Joe felt a little hesitation as to go down the truck to change the flat tyre or just to call for help. After some thinking, Joe decided to change the flat tyre himself as no one would pass through this section of the road at this time anyway.

All went well during the changing of tyre. Just as when Joe felt lucky that that was over, suddenly he head noise as if someone stamping on the ground came from a far and gradually approaching. It was ‘thub’ and ‘thub’ sort of sound…

Due to curiosity, Joe suddenly saw a long white bundle jumped from a far moving towards his truck. After staring at the thing for a while, the word ‘pocong’ or the ‘shrouded ghost’ came into his mind.

Without thinking too much, Joe immediately jumped into his pick-up and started to step on the gas paddle. While Joe was speeding, the pocong was getting near his truck too…

For a few minutes as Joe’s pick-up was rushing forward, he though he has wriggled off the pocong as no sound was heard. And suddenly a big ‘thub’ was again heard at the pick-up’s back and the truck was shaking violently as if it has just taken a very heavy load.

Instinctively, Joe turned his head and there he saw the pocong has landed on the back of his pick-up! It was so near that Joe could saw the pocong’s face and smelled the scent of decaying flesh! The pocong then bang its head at the pick-up’s rear windscreen as if it wanted to break the glass.

Joe was panic and he suddenly slammed onto the brake and the pocong flew forward and it dropped right in front of the truck. The truck continued to move forward due to momentum and it ran over the pocong in front.

Without hesitation, Joe again stepped onto the gas paddle and the truck rushed forward with a thrust and the pocong had disappeared from Joe’s view. When Joe looked at his rear mirror, he could only saw pieces of white shroud flying in the air. But in no way that Joe dared to went down to investigate.

Obviously Joe had survived to ordeal and leave to tell it to me… or you will not have heard about it.

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