Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mind Your Posture Please! (请站好来!)

It is easy to identify from the wear and tear of the sole of our shoes that which type of position we are predominantly in. If you fall into the above three, then practising martial arts or even rigorous exercises is not your bowl of rice!

There are 3 common posture mistakes that can cause a person to suffer from unidentifiable pains and discomforts:
  1. If a person's body is constantly inclined forward, then the weight of him/her would be at the front of sole. This person is easy to fall not to mention that he would give a powerful punch by not hurting himself/herself first.
  2. If a person's body inclining sideways, this would cause his/her weight to sway sideways. This not only cause lazy leg and shoulder pains, it is also cause deformation of the backbone. If he/she want to give a forceful punch, then he/she would first break his backbone first.
  3. If a person's body inclined backwards, then he/she would fall when he/she wants to punch a person.
  4. Even if a person is holding his/her body straight, he/she would put much pressure on his back and suffers backache in long run!
A master can test the condition of a person by simply asking he/she to stand straight and push his/her hands. Traditionally, if a person wants to learn martial arts, a responsible master would ask the person to stand correctly first before venturing into martial arts proper. It may take a person 3 years just to correct his/her postures! So the question is: are you willing to invest that much of time to correct your postures?

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  1. Mr.Shih, may i ask what kung fu u practice?