Friday, April 8, 2016

The Haunted Gunung Jerai (日莱峰遇山神)

I visited Gunung Jerai once after the completion of my secondary school. About 10 of us went camping on top of Gunung Jerai in Kedah. Our aim was to enjoy the beautiful sunrise scene at the summit.

When we e arrived at the summit of the mountain, the sun was about to set. So we quickly erected our tents and started a bonfire for cooking. According to our old folks’ advises, we first find a boulder near our campsite and then took out some prepared foods and incense to pray to the earth and mountain gods so that our stay would be pleasant.

After that, we went on with our business, played games, sang and even told ghost stories until such a stage that there is nothing to say anymore. There were long silence amongst us; only sounds of insects and the cracking of burning fire woods can be heard.

Someone finally suggested that we should explore our surroundings; not entering the jungle but just exploring at vicinity of our camps. So each of us brought our own torchlight and off we went. We walked and walked and suddenly, Johnny wanted to pee.

He looked around and he said he would pee at the back of the boulder. So Johnny asked me to use my torchlight to shine at him (not his penis though). I obliged if that would please him.

Actually I really intended to shine at his penis just to make fun. However, something behind Johnny attracted my attention. I seemed to have seen someone or something so I diverted my torchlight and shone at the thing. At this point, Johnny yelled: “Hey! Pay attention would you. I have peed onto my own shoes!”

But I ignored Johnny and turned my head to Eric and asked: “Did you see what I just saw?”

Eric nodded and he too turned on his torchlight and shone at Johnny’s back. Both of us saw a long beard old man with long white garment holding a walking stick in his right hand and his left hand seemed to be moving behind Johnny’s back as we can see Johnny’s body shaking for some reason.

Eric was knowledgeable about spiritual stuffs as his grandpa was a practising Taoist. So he shouted at Johnny: “Hey! Johnny! Quickly finish your business now! Why are you shaking there for so long?”

Johnny quickly pulled his zip and while doing so, he said: “I felt something is scratching my back!” Our lips were sealed and we hurried back to our campsite.

When we were back at the camp, Johnny said he felt burning sensation at his back. So we asked him to take off his T-shirt. All of us were shocked! There were five red scratching marks at the back of Johnny!

The next morning after we have packed up our items, we descended from the mountain peak. When we passed by the boulder which Johnny had peed at, there we found food offerings we had presented to the local spirits… Perhaps the spirits were angry because their foods were tainted by Johnny’s urine? We could only guess.

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