Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Curing Snake Bites In Miao Magic (苗法治蛇伤)

The Southwestern part of Guizhou is the home of many poisonous snakes. So the Miao tribes have many ways to treat snake bites. The below ritual I got from a Miao lady.

First one must setup an altar with a spirit tablet inscribing:

(The now and then, old and young snake science masters)

Then he/she should get some green chiretta (穿心莲) or other herbs according to the master. The collected herb should be put in front of the altar to be empowered for 7 days.

In front of the altar, the practitioner should lit incense and candles then, he/she should chant mantra to request the presence of the lineage masters:


(I call upon the masters of snake science)

Now, the person should draw the below talisman on his/her left/right palm using sword mudra for 49x while chanting:


(May all pains and swells be subsided)

After 7 days, the herbs are dip into strong alcohol (more than 50%) or vinegar for 100 days. After 100 days, the herbs are removed from the alcohol/vinegar and the liquid is stored in a tightly sealed container ready to be used in emergency.

Before the medicine is used, the person should recite the below mantra:


(I raise my eyes, the master is at my side.)

After that the medicated alcohol/vinegar can be used to rub at the snake bitten area, or some quantity of alcohol can be consumed too. Some people would use a knife to cut at the bitten part to draw some blood first be applying the alcohol/vinegar.

I have promised the Miao lady not to reveal this secret to others, but I supposed no one would put it into action so it is safe just to share. There is a whole set of mantras for calling, catching and releasing snakes that I have not mentioned, so I have not really broken my promise...

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