Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ghost Story From Inti Nilai (英迪的鬼故事)

This is yet another ghost story from Inti College located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. This story is told by a girl who just wanted to be known as Yoyo.

Yoyo stayed in a student hostel block located near a hillside about 10 minutes walk from the main campus. Her room has a balcony and since temperature in Malaysia is constantly hot, Yoyo normally keeps the balcony door opened so as to improve air circulations.

One particular night, Yoyo felt very tired and she decided to hit the hay early. As Yoyo was falling into slumber, a gust of cold wind suddenly rushed into the room. Yoyo thought it might rain soon, so she wanted to get up to shut the balcony door but no matters how Yoyo tried; she just couldn’t get out from her bed.

At this point, Yoyo was actually panic and her sleepiness had faded completely. She tried to wriggle her numb limbs as she thought that it might just be the blood circulation of her limbs were blocked due to poor sleeping posture.

Then a voice was heard from the balcony. It was clearly the voice of a young lady murmuring: “Yoyo… Yoyo… come and play with me…”

Yoyo was in fact panic stricken but her body was so stiff that she couldn’t move even one inch. So Yoyo tried to raise her head with all her might to look at the direction of the balcony. All her struggle was futile and she could only manage to catch a glimpse of the balcony floor tiles. There she saw a pair of extremely white feet with black finger nails. Yoyo managed to raise her head a little more and she saw the edge of white gown. It was obvious that the voice was from the owner of the feet.

The ‘whatever it was’ repeated the call:

“Yoyo… Yoyo… I am lonely, please come and play with me…”

Though Yoyo was indeed frightened but somehow she couldn’t cry out loud. Suddenly she felt her face was extremely painful as if frostbite and suddenly, she managed to move her body. It was as if a diver suddenly rushed to the surface and Yoyo suddenly yelled out as loud as she could: “Help!” and fainted.

After a long while, Yoyo finally regained consciousness. There she saw her roommate and the hostel supervisor staring at her eagerly. Both of them said simultaneously: “What were you doing, Yoyo? You have scared the wit out of us!”

Yoyo was still oblivious of what had happened. So her roommate said:

“I was sitting in the sofa and suddenly there was a gust of cold wind. I saw you gotten up from your bed as if you want to shut the door. But you just struggled in your bed with a very strange posture while turning your head towards the door. I called your name but you just cried and cried. I had to take some ice cubes and cold water from the fridge and poured onto your face!”

That had explained Yoyo’s ‘frostbite’ on her face. Any, both of the girls decided to move out of the hostel and seek shelter elsewhere.

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