Sunday, April 3, 2016

Can You Trust Me? (你信得过我吗?)

The 'trust me not' mudra.

It is very difficult to tell if a person is trustworthy or otherwise even you know him/her for many years. Of course, a Japanese ninja may not have the luxury of time to spend too much time to observe an opponent; though it is said that a ninja would spend 3 years in a household to know a person.

Likewise, in modern times we do come across many people in a day, so how can we know if a person is trustworthy or otherwise?

There are many methods:

  1. Develop your 6th senses: that would take a lot of time and may not be suitable for everyone.
  2. Understand human behavioural psychology: then and again anyone who can disguise himself/herself if he/she too knows psychology well.
  3. Learn up face reading: that too not everyone is gifted in this art.
  4. Using mudra: This is a fast and convenient way but needs constant practice.

In order to know if a person is trustworthy or not, first make the above mudra and see through the hole made by middle fingers. Then close your eyes and if the image of the person can clearly be visualized; then he/she is trustworthy. If only parts of the person can be seen, then this person is not trustworthy.

There is a catch though: you should not let the person know what you do in the process or the magic will not work. Best is to create a diversion and observe the person in a different angle.

Do you believe it or not? I learnt this method from an old ninja. Too bad that I cannot reveal the identity of this gentleman on his request.

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