Friday, April 15, 2016

Ghost Story From UPM (UPM的鬼故事)

I supposed universities around the world have give rise to many ghost stories which had been told by seniors to juniors. And when juniors become seniors; they will again downloaded these spooky stories to the new comers. Perhaps it is good to keep the ball rolling so as to maintain these urban legends…

UPM is the abbreviation of University Putra Malaysia which is situated in Serdang, Selangor. It is said that UPM is the most haunted university in the country but I do not have the background of such claim. However, if you have visited UPM before, you will find that there are two cemeteries near UPM entrance: one is Malay and the other Chinese.

I know there are many ghost stories about UPM but to start the ball rolling, I will just write one which is popular in the intranet. There are many stories too… but as you may be aware that most ghost stories are fragmented and difficult to compile. So the below story goes:

There are two students, let us just call them Jack and Jill. Both of them are sharing a room in university hostel. One day Jill returned home due to urgent matters leaving Jack alone in the hostel room. After sleeping soundly for hours, Jack suddenly felt a need to visit the toilet. So in a state of sleepiness, Jack habitually woke up his pal who was sleeping at the lower deck to accompany him to the toilet.

So both of them proceeded toward the hostel common toilet, Jack went in the toilet compartment while Jill waited for him outside of the compartment as usual.

While Jack was doing his business in the toilet, his mind became clearer and he suddenly realized that his pal, Jill should be in his hometown by now… the question now is that who is the ‘guy’ out there waiting?

The more Jack think about the issue, the scared he became until so much so that he dared not venture out of the toilet compartment. So he just stayed there for as long as he could…

Suddenly someone was knocking, it was Jill’s voice:

“Hey, are you done? Why did you take such a long time?”

By now, Jack was getting very scared and it would be over his dead body if he will go out… So Jack shouted:

“Oh? It is best you go home first, my stomach is still aching… it will take a long time!”

“No problem, I shall wait until you come out!” The voice outside said.

Some time has lapsed…

Jill knocked on the toilet door:

“Hey, it has been very long already, are you REALLY done yet?”

The panic stricken Jack said in a trembling voice:

“You go first, no need to wait for me! You sleep first bro!”

“No worries! I shall wait…” The voice outside replied.

Yet after a very long while, Jack heard knocking sound at his toilet door again and he heard Jill said:

“Now you finally know the truth? I know what you are thinking! I shall wait for you UNTIL you show your face!”

At this point, Jack certainly dared not open the door… so he stayed in the toilet until day breaks…


  1. 786 Creepy story, thank you for posting it!
    Just one note--in the West, "Jill" is considered a girl's name, so it was a bit confusing at first until I realized that Jill was a guy.

    1. Thank you for pointing it out... It is a little confusing for me as well... because this is a gay who thinks he should be a 'she'. So you can take this particular 'Jill' as a guy; or a 'girl' :D