Thursday, April 14, 2016

School Closed In Fear Of Pocong (放假避鬼)

Malaysia is indeed a haunted place. If you don’t believe it and we just talked about pocong fairly recently, then read the below news clip:

KOTA BARU, 14 April:

More than 50 students and a few teachers were attacked by hysteria claimed to have seen ghosts since last Monday.

Following the incident, The Pengkalan Chepa II National Middle School is ordered to close today as reported by Kosmo today.

A source from Kelantan Education Department is reported to cite that about 900 students are instructed to take ‘incidents leave’ followed by hysteria attack which has scared the students and staffs.

“However, teachers of the school still need to be on duty as usual (today),” said the source as being reported.

According to the press further, the incident started when a few students claimed that they had seen the ‘hantu pocong’ (pocong ghost) inside an empty classroom.

The said students then collapsed, raved and rolled on the floor before the hysterical attack then ‘transmitted’ to other students.

As observed by the press yesterday, it was found the school learning sessions proceed as usual but most of the female students were not in the classrooms. They congregated at a place in the school reciting Al-Quran and pray.

“We could not study as usual due to the incident since Monday. So much so that even a few female teachers and one male student also being possessed.”

“The students being possessed claimed they saw an object that looked like pocong and also Pontianak in a few places within the school such as empty classrooms and toilets,” said one third year student.

Hysteria is one of sociological and psychological symptom occurred when imagination, fear or thread are being experienced by crowds. Amongst Malay, this phenomenon is said to be related to the supernatural.

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