Monday, April 11, 2016

Ghost Story From Inti College (英迪的鬼故事)

This story is told by Jennifer who is one of Inti College graduates from KL. According to Jennifer, this story is pretty well known amongst Inti folks there.

It is said that a girl, known as Mary who stayed in Block P of student hostel committed suicide by jumping from her room balcony. The girl’s roommate, Joyce was shopping at Petaling Street then. When Joyce finally returned to the hostel at 4pm or so, another student from the hostel rushed to Joyce and said:

“Oh my God Joyce, you would not believe that Mary has committed suicide by jumping down the balcony!”

Joyce just took it easy and said in slumber manner:

“You must be crazy! I saw Mary in Popular Bookshop at Petaling Street a few hours ago.”

The girl was in complete darkness after she heard what Joyce told her. So she pulled Joyce to the spot where Mary’s lifeless body lied. At that point, the police car and ambulance were still there.

Joyce immediately felt dizzy and fainted. Her friends propped her to a chair nearby and a nurse accompanied the ambulance revived Joyce a few minutes later.

After Joyce has calmed down, she said that she did invite Mary to shop together to pass time. But Mary declined her offer. So Joyce had to go alone. At around 2pm or so, Joyce suddenly saw Mary in the said bookshop.

Joyce was pretty upset as she thought Mary didn’t want to befriend with her for some reasons. Without any hesitation, Joyce walked towards Mary as she thought Mary owed her an explanation.

As Joyce was approaching Mary, something diverted Joyce’s attention and she turned her head for a while. And when she resumed her peruse against Mary, Marry suddenly nowhere to be found.

After some frantic searching, Joyce still could not find Mary so she had to give up and return herself. It was indeed a surprise to see Mary has ended her life in that way…

Who was the person Joyce saw in the bookshop then? Jennifer thrown this question to me… and my best bet is that it is probably someone else as according to Tibetan Book Of The Dead, a dead soul would sleep for 3~4 days before awakening; unless the ‘book’ is wrong of course!

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